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Lauryl benzoate -  Contact us about this chemical

Lauryl Benzoate has a variety of applications as described below:

Cosmetics - Imparts a dry lubricating feel in the presence of large amounts of mineral oil or petrolatum. It is also a superior solubizer of lipophilic cosmetic raw materials, especially in antiperspirants, and a wetting agent and auxiliary suspending agent for water insoluble powdered products;

� Direct replacement for Isopropyl Myristate and Isopropyl Palmitate;

Solubilizer, extender and fixative for perfume oils. Fixers and extenders are perfume ingredients that prolong the life of the fragrance and/or make other ingredients mixed with it last longer;

Suspending aid and dry emollient for aluminium and related salts in aerosol anti-perspirants.

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Benzoic Acid Esters-  Contact us about this group

Esterification of Benzoic acid with a range of different alcohols yields materials with textile, healthcare and flavour & fragrance applications.

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